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Eternal Snow by talesofsymphonia Eternal Snow :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 9 0 ToS Dance Dance Dance 2 by talesofsymphonia ToS Dance Dance Dance 2 :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 2 0 Cold Fire by talesofsymphonia Cold Fire :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 5 0 Relaxing Presea by talesofsymphonia Relaxing Presea :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 7 0 LoLi LoLi PoP by talesofsymphonia LoLi LoLi PoP :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Zelos Clay Style by talesofsymphonia Zelos Clay Style :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 1 0 Sailor Symphonia by talesofsymphonia Sailor Symphonia :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Sailor ToS-Play by talesofsymphonia Sailor ToS-Play :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Empty Vessel by talesofsymphonia Empty Vessel :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 1 0
4000 years ago -spoilers-
(if you're interested, this story was inspired by Tales of Fandom vol.2, which has some interesting background info on Symphonia and a few other games.  Subbed videos can be found on YouTube ^_~ )
     It had been several days since the burning of the capital, and Martel was worried about her little brother.  In the midst of the chaos, Kratos had led the group to the King's summer home in the countryside that had been abandoned and partly destroyed during the raid.  Since the capital was north and the invaders came in from the south, Kratos believed that they would be relatively safe if they stayed in the area for the moment.  Unfortunately, the little boy was distraught and convinced beyond reason that the destruction his homeland's capital was all his fault.  Since they reached the small mansion, Mithos had laid in bed refusing to get up with the exception of occasionally going t
:icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0
Yuan crack stuff by talesofsymphonia Yuan crack stuff :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Sheelos by OoXianghuaoO by talesofsymphonia Sheelos by OoXianghuaoO :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Sheena chibi by talesofsymphonia Sheena chibi :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 2 0 Zelos chibi by talesofsymphonia Zelos chibi :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Stolen Time by talesofsymphonia Stolen Time :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0 Colette Desktop by talesofsymphonia Colette Desktop :icontalesofsymphonia:talesofsymphonia 0 0


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Favourite style of art: Tales of Symphonia style!!
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Skin of choice: Wonder Chef
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd;Colette;Genis;Raine;Kratos;Sheena;Presea;Zelos;Regal;
Personal Quote: "If one sword has 100 percent chance of hitting, then two swords have a 200 percent chance!
Second verse, same as the first:

For those who've seen it by now, what do you think?:dance:

For those who haven't, please please try to note or email those who have instead of pasting torrent and streaming links in the comments here. Sharing mp3s/torrentz links openly can be bannable if you're caught by ornery DA mods, and I'd like you lovely members to play it safe, okays?



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I just love your picture (Kratos Thinx of Lloyd X3) and I wanted to give you my thoughts on it I love it your a wonderful artist!!! really!
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oh, i love your gallery :) its awesome :aww:
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Very nice gallery <3 Me watch ^_^
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I just saw your tos Zelos and Kratos drawing...and I was looking through ebay...

I found...uh...:giggle:...just copy and paste teh url...

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Love the Celcius art.

Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Sheena?
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hey hey, what about TOS2?
yay Ratatosk!
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